Recipe #4 – Honey Teriyaki Drumsticks (Skinnytaste)

My second Instant Pot recipe!  I think it’s safe to say that I’m loving this contraption…especially after this Asian-style recipe.  🙂

By this point, Scott is used to trying out new recipes I decide to spring on him.  Most of the time, I would say he is mildly to moderately impressed.  For those who don’t know him personally, he’s pretty even keel and doesn’t get over-excited about much.  This recipe however, I actually got a “Wow, this is really good, baby!”  For him, I’d say that’s pretty close to his highest stamp of approval.  For the record, I loved it too and it’s one I will work into the regular dinner rotation.

I did the pressure  cooker version, but there are instructions for the skillet also.

Honey Teriyaki Drumsticks


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