Recipe #3 – Instant Pot Picadillo (Skinnytaste)

My (unintentional) Christmas present to myself was an Instant Pot pressure cooker.  I’d never used a pressure cooker before, and it wasn’t even on my radar until recently.  Then I started hearing about it regularly, and I started feeling excluded from recipes I wanted to make which required one.  Then came Black Friday and the object of my desire was mine shortly thereafter.  Woohoo!!

This Instant Pot Picadillo recipe  is kind of a cheat as far as new recipes go.  I’ve made the Skinnytaste crock pot version once before, but this pressure cooker version was new-to-me, so I’m counting it!  Plus, I had to read the whole Instant Pot instruction manual prior to starting, so the whole process as a whole felt much more involved.


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